Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor - Sally Heckel

Sally Heckel is an independent filmmaker who produces, directs, writes, adapts, edits and often shoots her own films. Her films have won awards, been shown internationally, and enjoy active distribution. She is dedicated to making films that probe beneath the surface.

Crew Bios

Jeanne McDonnell - Production Designer for dramatic scenes

Jeanne McDonnell has worked in independent film for over 20 years. She has done Art Direction on such award winning productions as John Sayles' Lianna, Jan Oxenberg's Thank you and Goodnight, and Sally Heckel's Oscar-nominated A Jury of Her Peers. She also worked on Roberta Cantow's Emmy Award-winning Clotheslines. McDonnell has also written and produced the children's TV pilots Riff's Place and Assignment Kids for public television, which featured animations by her and puppets designed by master puppeteer, L. Stallman. She has recently completed a script for the anti-war musical comedy, Time Twins, and is putting the finishing touches on her first novel, Pathways.

Leane Clifton - Assistant Director

Leane Clifton has been working in documentary filmmaking since 1987 on such award-winning programs as Porgy and Bess - An American Voice, Paul Robeson: Here I Stand, and A Huey P. Newton Story. These films garnered an Emmy, the IDA Award for Best Documentary and a Peabody Award. She was Co-Producer on the PBS series, ColorVision, and is currently producing her own documentary, Beisbol's Latin Rhythm. Her extensive background in producing and archival research led to her ongoing position as Project Manager for the Paul Robeson Audio Visual Database Project.

Tracy Stopa Moran - Assistant Camera

Tracy Stopa Moran graduated from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) film program and has worked as assistant camera, producer, and unit production manager on film productions in the Rochester area. She also owns and operates TSM pictures, a business specializing in event /portrait photography.

John Frontutto - Assistant Camera/Gaffer

A graduate of RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) film program, John Frontutto worked for 5 years in production at the local PBS station WXXI, and as cameraman for the Buffalo Bills for 10 years. He is now head of the Video Production Department for the Public Safety Training Facility at Monroe Community College, producing training videos for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS.

Nick Iacona - Second Assistant Camera

A graduate of RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), in his first career Nick was a cameraman for narrative film and commercial video productions. He's now a Digital Media Art Director, in his second career.

Tim Tuchrello - Second Electric/Grip

Tim Tuchrello works as a sound editor in Los Angeles, CA.

John Falzone - Production Assistant

John Geoffrey Falzone has worked as a model and played principal and featured roles in commercials, film, and theater in the Rochester area.

Post-Production Bios

Bruce Kitzmeyer - Sound Designer and Editor

Bruce Kitzmeyer has worked in post production sound in New York for almost 30 years. His latest projects were Music and Lyrics, The Good Shepherd, and Rick Burns' documentary, Andy Warhol.

John Werner - Sound Designer and Editor

John Michael Werner, a Bucks County, PA, native, has been working in post production sound for film since 1994. Raised "shagging flys" (chasing baseballs) on the disappearing farmland of bucolic Bucks County, John finds himself in East Harlem endeavoring in creative pursuits. In this past year John has worked on the films The Good Shepherd, The Savages, and Rick Burns' Peabody Award winning documentary film, Andy Warhol, as well as video projects for the art night, Church in DUMBO.
Unspeakable features some of his most creative sound work.

Josh Waletzky - Sound Editor of Interviews

Josh Waletzky is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor.

Jen Bradwell - Data Wrangler

Jen Bradwell is a San Francisco Bay Area-based documentary editor, highly versed in Final Cut Pro and Avid. Since graduating from the University of Southern California's film school, she has edited on several feature and television documentaries as well as corporate projects.

Allan Holt - Color Correction

Allan Holt has worked as assistant editor as well as special effects artist on many films. He recently created an animated film, Canvas, which was shown at Cannes and Edinburgh International Film Festivals. He is currently working at Stan Winston Studios.

Heather Heckel - Eyes Drawing and Website

Heather Heckel is currently a freelance and teaching artist in New York City, and her artwork has been selected in juried shows and won awards. She spends her summers teaching at the Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts on Long Island.

Main Dramatic Sequences Cast

Darrell Lance - Father

Darrell Lance recently played a well-received Wemmick in Great Expectations, a production of Blackfriar's Theater in Rochester, NY. Darrell is active in Rochester's community and semi-professional theater as well as industrial films, commercials, and voice-over work. He is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Interpretation at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School where he taught for 28 years.

Barbara Lobb - Mother

Barbara Lobb “commands the stage,” (Rochester City Newspaper Online Edition) in her recent role as Stevie in Edward Albee's The Goat, or Who is Sylvia, a production of Shipping Dock Theater in Rochester, NY. She has performed in numerous productions of Rochester's theater community.

Eliza Schneider - Teenager

Eliza Schneider's solo show, Freedom of Speech, Award of Excellence winner at The New York International Fringe Festival, is “a 34 character documentary of her 317,000 mile journey throughout America in a converted ambulance, on a mission to define American culture.” She has traveled the world collecting recordings of dialects for her CDs and award-winning multiple character solo shows. She has voiced characters for films and animation series including Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow, and South Park. She has also starred in live-action TV such as the Emmy-Award winning series Beakman's World.

Laura Otis - Child

Laura Otis was a student in the Fairport Elementary School when she performed in Unspeakable.

Vicki Casarett - Filmmaker

Vicki Casarett's recent portrayal of Ma Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, Frank Galati's stage adaptation of John Steinbeck's classic novel at the Blackfriars Theatre in Rochester, NY, was hailed as "a veritable tour de force" (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle). Her latest project is the stage role of Annie Wilkes in Misery, Simon Moore's stage adaptation of the Stephen King thriller, also at Blackfriars. She appears regularly in the many productions of Rochester's theater community.

Main Documentary Cast

George P. Heckel

The filmmaker's father was an obstetrician/gynecologist and amateur poet and photographer. Born in Buffalo, NY, he lived in Rochester, NY, from age 11 where he married his high school sweetheart, Bobbie Gage. Besides a clinical practice, he conducted research into pre-menstrual stress (PMS) for many years. He developed a pill, Pregnandiol, which was marketed in Japan as Diol.

Bobbie Heckel

The filmmaker's mother helped her husband, George, through medical school working as a social worker. Later she did the accounting for his medical practice. She and George had three children, Philip, Susan, and Sally. Bobbie was an avid reader and was especially fond of Shakespeare.

Philip Heckel

The filmmaker’s older brother is Professor of Geoscience, specializing in sedimentary geology and particularly interpretive stratigraphy, at the University of Iowa.

Susan Heckel

The filmmaker's older sister studied art at Skidmore College and for a year in Florence, Italy. She paints or draws occasionally.

Bill Thawley

One of George Heckel's best friends, Bill was in the pharmaceutical industry. He and George confided in each other, sharing their emotional lives.

Teddy Wolfard

One of George Heckel's best friends, Teddy owned a fine arts gallery in Rochester, NY. He and George discussed art, music, Buddhism, and philosophy.

Clara Wolfard

Clara, Teddy's wife, was George Heckel's secretary.

Credit List

Produced, Written, Directed, Photographed, Edited

Sally Heckel

Archival Home Movies & Still Photographs

George P. Heckel

Production Design

Jeanne McDonnell

Assistant Director

Leane Clifton

Location Courtesy of

Joe de George

Actors in Order of Appearance

Child - Laura Otis

Teenager - Eliza Schneider

Filmmaker - Vicki Casarett

Mother - Barbara Lobb

Father - Darrell Lance

Voice of Child - Heather Heckel

Sister - Bethany Reynolds

Sister's Boyfriend - Tim Tuchrello

Teenager's Boyfriend - Chris Martin

Dramatic Sequences Crew

Field Producer

Jeanne McDonnell

Assistant Camera

Tracy Stopa Moran

Assistant Camera/Gaffer

John Frontuto

Second Assistant Camera

Nicholas Iacona

Bill Trainor

Second Electric/Grip

Tim Tuchrello

Assistants to the Production

John Falzone

Peg Mayer


Martha Gioumousis

Antique Cars

Bill Biche

Eric Marshall

Documentary Shoot


Dave Hannie

Paul Galen

Michael Tercio

Avalanche Lake Field Producer

Christine McDonald

Assistant to Avalanche Lake Production

Tsienli Tan


Mimondo Productions


Bobbie Heckel

Phil Heckel

Sue Heckel

Bill Thawley

Clara Wolfard

Teddy Wolfard

Eleanor Freeman

George Gage

Roger Stolte

Interviewers of Filmmaker

Steve Brand

James Khlevner

Henry Sapoznik

Post Production

Supervising Sound Editor

Bruce Kitzmeyer

Sound Design

John Werner

Interview Sound Editor

Josh Waletzky

Mixing Studio

Sound One

Re-Recording Mixer

Peter Waggner

Foley Artist

Nancy Cabrera

Foley Recordist

Ryan Collison


Paul Coburn

Data Wrangler

Jen Bradwell

Color Correction

Allan Holt

Eyes drawing and website

Heather Heckel

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Sue, Phil, Daniel, Tamara, Heather

Bobbie Heckel & George P. Heckel

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