It's Not a One-Person Thing
30 minutes, 16mm color, 1977
Co-Produced, Co-Directed, Shot and Edited by Sally Heckel

Shows the scope of the early work of The Federation of Southern Cooperatives, a far-reaching organization of grass-roots cooperatives in the South that grew out of the Civil Rights Movement.

Awards and Screenings

Judges' Award- Sinking Creek Film Celebration

23rd Robert Flaherty Film Seminar

Museum of Modern Art- "What's Happening?" series- New York City

WABC- "Like It Is"- Channel 7, New York.


“It is a positive, intelligent, well put together film that has a message for all people…especially those who are in quest of means toward self-advancement. It is the best usage of film media in that it provides substance.

“As producer of 'Like It Is,' I was pleased to include this film in one of our programs. As I anticipated, the audience reaction was a resounding yes.”

Gil Noble, Producer/Host, “Like It Is," WABC-TV

“When we changed technology in agriculture, it released a lot of people from the land who didn't have training for jobs or industry. There was no alternative to survival but to go to urban areas. This film suggests there is a way to tackle the problem in the rural areas. It is an exciting film that is important to people in urban as well as rural areas. Many of our urban problems are problems that were not faced in the rural areas.”

Bill Heffernon, Associate Professor Rural Sociology, University of Missouri


Songs - African Ensemble

Guitar - Warren Furst

Humming - Carrie Lateef

Narration - Otis Willliams

Direction - Sally Heckel, Mark Brody, John Zippert

Photography - Sally Heckel

Sound - Mark Brody

Editing - Sally Heckel

Assisted by - Louise Fleming

Sound Editing- Josh Waletzky

Thanks to Members of FSC, Jane Sapp, Nadja Tesich-Savage, Money Lenders, Joelle Morrison, CAPS, MERC

Not available on DVD